Mobile Mill

Fielders technology. Rolling out roofing around the world.

Forward thinking has placed all of Fielders decks in custom-built containers, consequently Fielders can roll all of their concealed fixed roofing profiles throughout Australia, even in the remotest regions and are ready for the world. Sheet lengths of over 100m have already been achieved and the possibilities are endless.

On this page you can see a roof being rolled out of the impressive mobile commercial roofing mill. So you get any length you want and say goodbye to leaky expansion joints and multiple, long-load deliveries. It’s cheaper and faster than transporting bulk ready-made sheets, and cuts down on handling and damage. Plus, our mobile crank curvers can create precision curves on-site, adding a whole new twist to your designs.

We go to greater lengths on site.

If you could create steel roofing and decking with no seams, expansion joints or fixing holes, you’d have the perfect roof… and that’s what Fielders Mobile Mills Deliver.

Our Mobile Mills rollform steel roofing and decking to order, on site, in lengths of up to 100 metres. Seams and expansion joints are virtually eliminated. FieldersKingKlip® and HiKlip® concealed fix profiles mean there’s no need for drilling, fasteners, or the leaks and corrosion they can cause.

Fielders Mobile Mills also cut down dramatically on material handling costs. There’s no need for the traditional convoy of expensive long-load sheet deliveries, because now just one truck can do it all.


Fielders Mobile Mills. Big Rigs Full Of Brilliant Innovation!



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