Fielders offer a wide variety of capping, ridges and channels to suit your needs. They come in the following material:

Material / Finish BMT (mm)
ZINCALUME® Steel 0.55, 0.8, 1.0
COLORBOND® steel 0.55
COLORBOND® Ultra steel 0.55
COLORBOND® Stainless steel 0.55
Z600 Heritage Galvanised 0.55
Z450 Galvanised 0.55, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.6

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Barge Roll

The Fielders Barge Roll often replaces a Standard Square Barge

It is often used on traditional style heritage homes where the heritage style is paramount.



350mm Ridge Cap Roll Top

A ridge capping provides an effective watertight barrier, as well as an aesthetic finish to the cut ends of the sheet at the ridge and hip lines.

Low Profile Ridge

Fielders Low Profile Ridge is perfect for roof designs that require a lower profile ridge.

A Fielders Low Profile Ridge is similar to fielders roll formed roll top ridge. It is designed for roofs that require a wider flange or do not have a conventional roof pitch.

It is available in the full range of COLORBOND® steel colours as well as Zincalume® and Heritage Galvanised.

The Fielders low profile ridge suits all of the Fielders sheeting profiles.



Fielders Barge Capping

Fielders Barge Capping is suitable to finish off the roof sheeting at barge boards, providing a watertight and attractive finish to the roof.

Mini-Flute® Extruded Aluminium Channels

Fielders Mini-Flute® Extruded Aluminium Channels provide the finishing touch to all your Mini-Flute® applications.

They are available in two distinct profiles.



Hip Bracing

Fielders Hip Bracing is available in two styles suitable for hip and valleys to bullnose and concave verandahs.

Type A Hip Bracing is available with an underside finish of either Shadow Grey, Galvanised or Zincalume and Type B Hip Bracing is only available in 1.2mm Galvanised.

Edge Roll – WA Only

The Fielders Edge Roll provides architects and builders with an innovative alternative in finishing off the non-gutter edges of their steel roofs.

Fielders steel Edge Roll is available in COLORBOND® steel, Zincalume® and Heritage Galvanised.


Curved Flashings

Fielders are proud to offer a wide range of curved Flashings, in standard styles as well as to suit custom designs. 

Fielders curved flashings come in a wide range of steel finished from COLORBOND® steel, Zincalume® and stainless steel.