High and mighty, HiKlip® is the largest water-carrying concealed-fixed roofing in Australia

It is purposed built to survive the strongest stormy weather for major commercial, industrial and domestic projects. HiKlip® ensures ultimate protection, strength and durability, with large span capabilities that deliver on value, ensuring fewer purlins and lower costs. Stylish as well as strong, HiKlip® has been described by architects as striking, imposing and bold. Available in a range of COLORBOND® steel light and heavy gauge colours, HiKlip® is truly aesthetically pleasing.

Hi-Klip® can be produced with the Fielders Mobile Mill, available to be made onsite and in real time to suit the required length.

Fielder’s heavy duty HK630 clips – No screws, no holes and no leaks

Without puncturing the sheeting, these heavy duty clips provide optimum holding strength. In fact, we’re so confident in our revolutionary Hi-Klip® rooves that we provide a 20 Year Watertight Installation Guarantee – see our Warranty page for more guarantee information.

Hi-Klip® is a clever, more economical alternative to screw-fixed roofing. Considering the strength of the profile, there is simply no need for extra purlins or screws. Additionally, Hi-Klip®’s unique clips and sliding brackets accommodate thermal movements, eliminating the need for expansion joints. As you can see, the long-term benefits of a concealed-fix roof such as Hi-Klip® promise value that is hard to beat.



Not Available

COLORBOND® steel: Contemporary
  • Basalt®

  • Cove®

  • Dune®

  • Haze®

  • Gully®

  • Ironstone®

  • Jasper®

  • Mangrove®

  • Monument®

  • Shale Grey™

  • Surfmist®

  • Terrain®

  • Wallaby®

  • Windspray®

COLORBOND® steel: Classic
  • Classic Cream™

  • Cottage Green®

  • Deep Ocean®

  • Manor Red®

  • Night Sky®

  • Pale Eucalypt®

  • Paperbark®

  • Woodland Grey®

COLORBOND® steel: Ultra
  • Dune®

  • Monument®

  • Surfmist®

  • Wallaby®

  • Windspray®

  • Woodland Grey®