KingFlor® Design Data

Tried and Tested

Fielders have undertaken world first testing to study the behaviour of the KingFlor® metal deck in post-tensioned concrete slabs. Full slab testing was conducted exclusively for Fielders by the University of Western Sydney to establish a sound method for strength design of post-tensioned composite slabs using the Fielders KingFlor® range of products. This design approach is now represented to market as Fielders PT-PLUS and has been incorporated into the RAPT software.

Fielders PT-PLUS design methodology is now able to provide designers with surety and confidence in the design of one-way, post-tensioned composite slabs incorporating the KingFlor® steel formwork profiles.

Fielders are able to assist structural design engineers in incorporating a PT-PLUS solution to their project, thereby accessing potential savings by utilising the KingFlor® contribution to the slab as main reinforcement.

PT-PLUS Design Solutions

Post-tensioned, concrete-framed construction utilising metal formwork for the floor slab has proven to be one of the most popular and cost-effective construction methods for buildings in Australia. Utilising post-tensioning, composite metal decking floor with band beam supports, structural engineers are able to design longer spanning floors and optimise the spacing of the columns. Further cost savings are obtained from the metal decking acting as formwork requiring less temporary propping and labour costs, as well as increased speed of construction for the floors due to the metal deck being a permanent fixture.

Fielders are able to assist structural design engineers in incorporating a PT-PLUS solution to their project, utlising the KingFlor® profile as the main tensile reinforcement in the direction of the sheeting leading to more efficient and economical slab designs. The development of PT-Plus creates a completely new set of rules to assist with the design of one-way, post-tensioned composite slabs that incorporating Fielders’ KingFlor® composite steel formwork profiles and bonded pre-stressing strands as tensile reinforcement in the slab bottom face. The inclusion of the steel decking as bottom tensile reinforcement can provide significant savings without the need for additional prestress or additional conventional bottom bar reinforcement.

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