SlimFlor® Flooring

Fielders SlimFlor® utilises Fielders SlimDek 210® flooring profile in conjunction with Asymmetric Steel Beam Sections (ASB) to provide a floor system with a reduced construction zone. It does this by combining the floor slab and supporting structure in the same plane, providing a lightweight, versatile, long spanning floor system.


Advantages of SlimFlor®

  • Reduced construction time (saving in labour, early tenancy and associated works, approximately 20% quicker floor-to-floor construction time).
  • Minimal temporary propping allows for fit out of lower floors while upper floors are being constructed.
  • Shallow floor depths, reduced overall building height offers savings in façade costs and building height restrictions.
  • Reduced trades onsite (OH&S savings).
  • Light weight structure, reducing sizes of substructure and footings.
  • Ease of service integration, with potential to accommodate the services within the slab depth.
  • Inherent fire resistance. A fire resistance of 60 minutes can be achieved without fire protection.