Rainwater Accessories

Fielders offers unique accessories which complement the Fielders rainwater, roofing and walling products to ensure you receive the correct fit, seal and longevity for your project every time. All the Fielders accessories are available in a variety of colours to complete your design in any way you would like.


Watergate® Leaf Guard

  • The high-strength leaf guard for your gutters
  • Easy to install, suits tile or corrugated roofing
  • Long life Zinc, will not crack or warp
  • Simply clips in and hides away
  • Reduces fire risk and prevents clogged and overflowing gutters
  • Fits standard 125mm wide guttering
  • Available in convenient 10 metre packs


Watergate® Pop Guard

  • Removable perforated grate that can be quickly installed and removed, preventing leaves, debris and other material such as tennis balls from blocking the entry up to 100mm wide
  • DIY – time is saved due to ease of installation

Watergate® Brochure

The Fielders Watergate® Leaf Guard range offers you high-strength protection for your gutters. Download the PDF brochure below.

Download Product Brochure

To complement Fielders unique steel roofing & building products, Fielders offer a comprehensive range of rainwater accessories:

  • Mitres (internal/external)
  • Pops
  • Straps
  • Offsets
  • Stop-ends
  • Elbows
  • Shoes

Check out a sample of what we have in stock and get in touch with your local sales centre for any custom requests.