Structural Solutions for Complex Geometries at the Blacktown Exercise and Sports Technology Hub

Unmatched Precision and Innovation with Fielders SlimDek 210®

Project: Blacktown Exercise and Sports Technology Hub (BEST)

Product: 3,000m² of SlimDek 210®

Builder: Buildcorp

Architect: ARM Architecture

Engineers: Adams Structural and Civil Engineering

Installer: Santana Stud Welding

Landscape architecture: Scott Carver (now Architectus)

Façade design: ShapeShift Technologies

PROJECT BACKGROUND: The Blacktown Exercise and Sports Technology Hub (BEST) in Sydney’s western suburb of Rooty Hill is a ground-breaking project demonstrating the versatility and capability of Fielders SlimDek 210®. This $100-million facility is set to become an internationally significant sporting precinct, enhancing athletic performance and community health in an inspiring environment.

Inspired by Blacktown’s diverse cultures, the striking contemporary design reflects elements of Indian temples, Turkish bathhouses, and Chinese gardens, while also drawing inspiration from sporting gear and apparel. The hub aims to be a local landmark, capturing public attention with its unique architecture.

“The building had very complex architectural and interior design intent which required innovative structural engineering ideas to realise,” said Mark Wu, Structural Engineer and Associate Director at Adams Engineering.

The project’s intricate floor geometry presented significant challenges, necessitating precision and innovative structural solutions. Fielders’ previous collaboration with Buildcorp on the Santa Sophia Catholic College project, where SlimDek 210® played a crucial role, laid the foundation for this partnership.


Fielders’ in-house engineering team, led by National Engineering Manager Marko Stankovic, developed a structural steel design utilising 3000 square metres of SlimDek 210® composite flooring to achieve large unpropped floor spans. Leveraging BIM expertise, each SlimDek 210® sheet was modelled in 3D to millimetre accuracy before roll-forming, enabling Santana Stud Welding to install the flooring with exceptional precision.

“The advantages in floor performance, cost, construction program, and quality were far superior over other construction systems considered, convincing the builder that our SlimDek 210® proposal was the best way to deliver this complex floor,” explained Marko.

“We selected SlimDek 210® as it requires minimal propping during construction which frees up the lower floor for fit out,” added Mark Wu. “It greatly improves the construction efficiency.”


Fielders’ collaborative approach was integral to the project’s success. Early involvement in design planning meetings with Buildcorp and their structural engineer facilitated the preparation of a preliminary design by Fielders Business Development Manager, Jack Huang. This initiated a design development process, where Huang provided continuous support with structural designs, technical assistance, and coordination.

Upon design approval, Fielders’ drafting team prepared detailed decking layouts and service coordination plans. Utilising a cloud-based live 3D digital model, Fielders enabled real-time multidisciplinary clash detection and resolution, significantly reducing on-site installation issues and enhancing safety outcomes.

Huang’s multiple site inspections ensured best practices were followed, supporting the installation team with queries regarding logistics and industry standards.

“Fielders have a very responsive engineering team. They were willing to share their knowledge and train our engineers to learn about composite deck design and equip them with software skills,” commented Mark Wu from Adams Engineering.


The completed Blacktown Exercise and Sports Technology Hub is now open to the public and is improving health outcomes for the Western Sydney community. This state-of-the-art facility serves not only elite athletes but also provides a centre for sports science and allied health, equipped with the latest medical technology.

“Blacktown Exercise and Sports Technology Hub has turned out to be one of my best projects in the past few years,” said Mark Wu with pride. “Slimdek 210® looks great as a finished building product.”

The Blacktown Exercise and Sports Technology Hub project provided valuable insights into the capabilities and advantages of Fielders’ KingFlor® composite steel formwork range, with the SlimDek 210® system proving to be a versatile and reliable solution.

“The accuracy demanded by the complex floor geometry and enabled by our steel composite design was unrivalled by traditional construction methods,” commented Marko Stankovic, National Engineering Manager, Fielders.

The collaboration between Fielders and the project stakeholders, particularly the input from Fielders’ engineering team, was instrumental in realising the architectural vision of the building. The SlimDek 210® system not only met the structural requirements but also improved construction efficiency and contributed to the overall project success.

“The key architectural features have been achieved with Fielders’ engineering input,” said Mark Wu from Adams Engineering. “We will surely recommend the Slimdek 210® system for our future projects.”

CONCLUSION: Fielders’ commitment to innovation and collaboration has once again proven pivotal in delivering a landmark project. The Blacktown Exercise and Sports Technology Hub is a future-proof community development now home to Blacktown City Council, Australian Catholic University, the Australian Football League, Delaware North, Sydney West Sports Medicine, and WentWest.

This architecturally significant project highlights the innovative capabilities of SlimDek 210® and the expertise of the Fielders team, embodying the philosophy, ‘If it can be imagined, it can be created.’

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ABOUT SLIMDEK 210®: As an integral part of the KingFlor® range, SlimDek 210® promises lower floor depths with the same strength and durability of all KingFlor® designs. With depths as low as 300mm and concrete savings up to 60%, the benefits of this unique profile are extensive. With large unpropped spans and slim floor construction you can expect to reduce propping congestion. Furthermore, SlimDek 210® will reduce frame and foundation loads, allow easy access to the underside of the slab and ensure less overall dead load flooring.