Shadowline® flows at River Way House  

Perth resident, Peter Robertson and wife, Leanne, are enjoying the fruits of their hard work. Looking out from the cantilevered balconies of their new Salter Point home they can see the Ospreys diving on unsuspecting Bream, over the picturesque Canning River below.

While the outward view may be spectacular, most who have seen River Way House – which is perched 50 metres atop a cliff overlooking the estuary – would argue that the home only adds to the idyllic scenery.

Having moved in several months ago, Peter said that the building has not just met expectations, but comfortably exceeded them.

“It’s a great home and I use the term ‘home’ rather than ‘house’ deliberately. The view is the hero of this home, but the architecture certainly adds to the sense of enjoyment and the choice of roofing and walling products play a big role as well,” he said.

The ‘products’ that Peter refers to are Fielders Shadowline® 305 for the walls and Prominence® for the roof. Both products are manufactured from COLORBOND® steel colour Monument® in a Matt finish

A true architectural cladding that makes a dramatic statement with its generous flat pans and mid-height ribs, Prominence® offers the flexibility of either vertical or horizontal installation as wall cladding, leading to a bold visual effect. It can also be used as roofing with pitches as low as one degree.

At River Way House, Shadowline® 305 has been applied as both a roof cladding and walling on the upper level of the home, which boasts basement, ground and second story levels. The three levels see the structure sympathetically follow the contours of the land.

Selection of the material was a joint effort between Peter, Leanne and prominent Perth Architect, Gavin Lee, from Icon Group, who was responsible for the design.

“Shadowline® 305 is an impressive profile. We had considered using a corrugated style as an alternative, however, we thought that Shadowline® 305 delivered a more contemporary finish and also allowed concealed fixing to complement the clean and linear aesthetics of the structure,” Gavin explained.

“The colour selection in COLORBOND® steel colour Monument® adds further appeal to the profile and lets the home merge into the hilltop. The colour and the profile also lends itself to the other materials selected on the project, particularly the concrete aspects which are prevalent both inside and outside the building. To add some warmth and softness to internal spaces, some timbers have also been chosen.”

Working with a narrow 10-metre-wide site that faces north-south, the design centres on two separate cells that are intersected by a courtyard to allow additional light flow through the home. Within the walls are several zones that offer volumous ceiling heights of up to four metres, while the entry to the home is highlighted by a cantilevered portico and void that provides Peter and Leanne with the perfect space to exhibit their art collection.

Other highlights of the design are two cantilevered balconies – one that’s accessible from the ground floor living areas, while the second offers a wonderful visual indulgence off the master bedroom.

Along with the architectural benefits that the Shadowline® 305 profile has brought the project, low maintenance qualities would also be important given the environment, according to Gavin.

“Because the location of the home is in an estuarine environment 40 to 50 metres above the waterline, we consulted the Fielders team very early on during material selection,” Gavin said.

“They recommended that Shadowline® 305 manufactured from COLORBOND® steel would fit the bill. As a more mature couple, the last thing that Peter and Leanne wanted was a high maintenance property; the goal was for them to move in and enjoy the house – all the materials selected help achieve this goal.”

While Peter and Leanne are technically empty nesters, their new home has become a popular meeting point for both their children as well as other family and friends since it was completed in August.

“We’ve definitely had some nice gatherings here since we finished the build and moved in; everyone who’s visited the home has commented very favourably,” Peter said.

“One of our friends is an art curator who also dabbles in design, and she really rates the home, and she’s not one to give out compliments! We’re very happy here and pleased with the outcome.”