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What colours and materials is ARAMAX® available in?

ARAMAX® is available in Zincalume®, Galv, Aluminium and COLORBOND® steel however please check with Fielders as minimum order quantities may apply. Smaller quantities of some colours may be available ex stock. Please contact us for current range.

What length cantilever overhangs can I have?

Cantilevers can be achieved with spans over 5 metres. The allowable cantilever overhangs depend on the cover width of the profile, the thickness of the profile, span configuration, loading conditions and acceptable deflection limits. Please contact Fielders Technical Services Group from further advice and tailored individual project design and assessments.

How do I insulate ARAMAX® ?

There are a number of options for insulating ARAMAX:

  1. Conventional insulation blanket over ceiling suspended from the ARAMAX roof
  2. Sprayed polyurethane foam applied to underside of the ARAMAX after installation (see also
  3. Conventional insulation blanket or Aircell over ARAMAX with conventional roofing over ARAMAX
  4. Double layer of ARAMAX with air gap or insulation blanket in between panels
  5. Use ARAMAX as a fly roof over conventionally insulated buildings
  6. Use high ceilings and good ventilation in lieu of insulation

Am I at risk of getting condensation on the underside of my ARAMAX roof if I don’t provide insulation?

Condensation of water vapour occurs when the air temperature drops to or below the dew point. The dew point depends upon the humidity, the dew point of humid air will be higher than the dew point of dry air. The easiest way to tell if condensation is likely to be a problem in your area is to ask others in the area with uninsulated buildings if they have experienced any problems. The risk of condensation can be reduced with good ventilation and is non-existent for free roofs.

Thermal Performance

Advice on the thermal performance of ARAMAX can be found at the BlueScope Steel Website and Technical Bulletin TB-28 – “Building Materials, Thermal Efficiency and Reflectivity”

Blue Scope Steel website.

How do you design ARAMAX® for thermal expansion for long lengths?

ARAMAX is punched with 16mm x 22mm slotted holes which allow for some construction tolerance and thermal effects. Additional thermal expansion and contraction for lengths over 24m may be accommodated via slotted holes in the fixing plates. Contact us for additional information. Thermally induced roof noise can be minimised by inserting a separation membrane (e.g. UHMWPE, HDPE, Teflon coated EPDM) between the cladding and fixing brackets to reduce frictional contact.

Are ARAMAX® clad buildings cost competitive with “off the rack” shed designs?

ARAMAX® acts as a structural roofing profile which can eliminate the need for secondary purlins and girts. This unique product provides the designer with unparalleled design freedom to achieve a cost effective and stunning building. Fielders Technical Services Group are available to provide design assistance and advice to achieve the most cost effective structure possible.

Do Fielders supply accessories such as end closures, flashings and capping to be used with ARAMAX® ?

Yes – Fielders provide a large range of standard and custom accessories for your project.

Do you supply handling equipment to be used when installing ARAMAX® ?

The use of some equipment may be arranged such as a purpose built spreader bar for lifting the sheets to roof level by crane.


Who will install ARAMAX?

A number of Fielders Approved Contractors are available nationwide to install the ARAMAX profile.