Fielders Adelaide Relocation

We’re moving

From Keswick Terminal to a new purpose built facility at Novar Gardens.

From: 16 January 2023

Where: 169 James Melrose Road, Novar Gardens

At our new location a lot of things won’t be changing, so we’ll continue to provide the Fielders service experience you’ve come to rely on:

  • You will have the same account manager, the sales and customer service teams will remain unchanged too.
  • Your account number won’t change.
  • You can still reference and utilise the same price book.
  • Still the same great Fielders solutions offered.

The benefits to you:

  • More consistent service on-site, supported by automated systems
  • Improved layout for easier and safer pick-ups
  • More space, reducing pick-up queues and waiting times
  • Central location for all Adelaide based customers

For all the details about our move – click here.