Elevated Efficiency: SlimDek 210® Takes North Star to New Heights

The North Star project at 80 Tyler St, on the border of Reservoir and Preston, represents a significant advancement in urban residential development. Spearheaded by Goldfield Group, the project transformed a former government school site into a vibrant residential complex, accommodating the diverse needs of small to large families and investors. 

“The site was sold in a public tender process, which Goldfield was fortunate enough to acquire about seven years ago,” Peter Burke, Senior Project Manager of Goldfield Group, explained. “During that time, we sought town planning approval and developed the site for 67 townhouses and 44 apartments.”

Overcoming buildability challenges with Fielders

The urban site presented significant access challenges due to its constrained nature, so the project team sought a solution to ensure efficient buildability. 

Peter Burke stated, “We faced significant site access challenges due to the constrained nature of the site, which made the (SlimDek 210®) system an advantageous choice, allowing us to maintain a streamlined construction process.”

Fielders’ SlimDek 210®, part of the KingFlor® composite decking range, known for its low floor depth and high strength was identified as the right material for the project’s rigorous demands. 

“We involved Fielders through our engineer following the design phase,” Peter noted. “The SlimDek 210® has been very efficient to utilise, from the point of view of integrating the slat deck with the beams, reducing the volume of concrete, speeding up construction, and easing access to the site.”

SlimDek 210®: Streamlining urban construction

The innovative use of pre-cut components reduced on-site adjustments and minimised construction debris and noise. 

“All the SlimDek 210® on the project was shop-drawn from the IFC structural steel model, meaning all the decks arrived on site, cut to length, and with specific locations to go,” Nick Feely, Business Development Manager at BlueScope, explained. “This also reduced wastage and over-ordering.”

Logistical challenges were managed by strategically scheduling deliveries to mitigate congestion around the site.

SlimDek 210® offered other advantages which made it ideally suited to the high-density living environment of North Star:

  • Lower floor depths: Ideal for multi-story constructions, allowing for more floors within height restrictions.
  • Reduced concrete usage: Material savings of up to 60% less concrete are possible, reducing structural weight and construction costs.
  • Decreased propping congestion: Facilitates faster construction with fewer obstructions, enhancing on-site safety and efficiency.
  • Load reduction: Lighter floors reduce the burden on the building’s structure, enabling design flexibility and further cost savings.

Support from concept to construction

Fielders provided extensive support from the conceptualisation phase through to the on-site construction. Early involvement included precise planning of the structural elements to incorporate the SlimDek 210® seamlessly into the design proposed by RSP Consulting Engineers. 

“Fielders provided full structural engineering support with chartered engineers to support the project engineer through the design,” Nick said. “These engineers brought technical expertise and experience to the design of the composite beams and slab.”

Peter highlighted the impact of Fielders’ involvement on the project’s labour dynamics and design efficacy.

“One standout aspect of this project is the excellent level of collaboration we had from Fielders in delivering a project that reduced labour requirements for installation, so we only had two formworkers actually working on the site,” he commented. “Fielders provided great assistance with regards to design, from the bearing point of view, through to shop drawings and ensuring there was an efficient utilisation of the product.”

The SlimDek 210® Advantage

The implementation of SlimDek 210® dramatically increased the efficiency of the construction process. Its design, allowing for large unpropped spans and slim floor construction, reduced the need for extensive propping, thus minimising construction delays and labour on site. 

There were also significant financial benefits as a result of using SlimDek 210®. By reducing the volume of concrete required, the project not only saved on direct material costs but also minimised the logistical and handling expenses associated with transporting and pouring concrete. This reduction in material usage directly translated into lower overall construction costs, maintaining budget efficiency without compromising on structural integrity or safety. 

“All the coordination and support at the 80 Tyler St project was provided by Fielders free of charge to the engineer and the builder,” Nick noted. “These services help support the project for its full design life and bring market-leading expertise into the design.”