Building Sustainable Futures at Seven Emus Station with Fielders ARAMAX®

PROJECT: Seven Emus Station (Jarrdimba Bayamuku Camp)
PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Global Project Services (Aust)
ARCHITECT: Derive Architecture & Design
WINDOWS: Make Windows
STEEL: Pro Stainless

Project Background:

Seven Emus Station, an Indigenous-run cattle station and wildlife sanctuary near Borroloola in the Northern Territory, is a cornerstone of the Garawa Aboriginal community. It’s a place where youth intervention work camps create a pivotal change, guiding at-risk young people towards positive pathways. It also has a generational legacy of creating jobs for the local economy.

The Shadforth family, stewards of Seven Emus Station, envisioned upgraded facilities that would serve both the community and the environment. But dreams often come with hurdles. The station’s remote location meant logistical challenges and that every building material had to be not just durable, but sustainably so. It had to withstand the elements and align with the family’s long-term vision for the land, which is rich in biodiversity and cultural significance.

That’s where Fielders stepped in, offering an innovative roofing system that not only met but exceeded the project’s complex needs.

Fielders Solution:

Embracing our ‘Building Together’ ethos, Fielders offered our ARAMAX® Roofing and Walling system, addressing the station’s complex needs. “We were looking for a roof profile that could facilitate high clear spans and provide a fly roof due to the climatic conditions in the remote Northern Territory,” explained Jason Elsley, Director of Derive Architecture & Design.

Designed for large spans up to 20 meters, ARAMAX® eliminated the need for secondary structures. This feature alone reduced the structural steel requirements by up to 30%, cutting both costs and construction time while simplifying transport logistics.

These benefits have made ARAMAX® a popular choice in remote construction projects. But it wasn’t just about the numbers. ARAMAX® also provided a solution that fit like a glove with the project’s sustainability and aesthetic goals.

Project Execution:

Fielders’ teams collaborated across state lines to ensure a great outcome, with our ARAMAX® sheets being manufactured at our Emu Plains facility in NSW and making their way to Seven Emus Station in the NT ready for installation. Further, we worked with Global Project Services to transport our roofing sheets alongside construction materials from other suppliers to create logistical efficiencies.

Consulting engineers Northrop liaised with Fielders to establish all the tolerances required for the fly roof design. Using a mobile crane to hoist the sheets into position, the on-site installation team were able to successfully complete the roof in a short timeframe – a crucial factor for crews working in challenging heat.


Seven Emus Station now features new group accommodation facilities for youth attending their work camps, built in an impressive 4-week timeframe. “The project is the first of three of these buildings… It is a good example of collaboration between a large group of disparate team members focused towards a common goal,” Elsley reflected on the successful outcome.

The new facilities, fortified with Fielders’ ARAMAX® roofing, are a significant improvement for the community, allowing more at-risk young people to benefit from these programs. With construction completed so quickly and within budget, and with the peace of mind that Fielders ARAMAX® will stand the test of time, the Shadforth family can now return their focus to the important cultural and social work that Seven Emus Station has become known for.


This remote project was a learning opportunity for everyone involved, and it showcased the suitability of ARAMAX® for these challenging conditions. It highlighted the power of interstate teamwork between Fielders representatives, the project management team and other suppliers, especially when unique challenges are at play. And when it comes to sustainability, the long-term benefits are clear: ARAMAX® offers exceptional corrosion and scratch resistance, making it a long-lasting choice.


We’re genuinely proud to have played a role in a project that met architectural challenges head-on and created a lasting impact on a community. At Fielders, we’re not just about selling products, we’re about building relationships and futures. We invite you to explore how Fielders can be a part of your next project, as we build together for a sustainable and impactful tomorrow.

Ready to take your construction project to the next level with innovative, sustainable solutions? Reach out to the Fielders team. Let’s build something extraordinary, together.

About Fielders ARAMAX®

Fielders ARAMAX® sheeting allows for huge spans of up to 20 metres with no purlins or girts. This enables the designer to eliminate the cost and complexity of the buildings secondary structure. The ARAMAX serves as a visually stunning and structural component of the structure, reducing cost without compromising performance.