Architectural and agricultural – Fielders TL-5™️ delivers on all fronts


Architectural and agricultural – Fielders TL-5™️ delivers on all fronts

A recent creation by West Perth-based architectural design studio, Arcforms, has cleverly combined modern design aesthetics with agricultural undertones, to deliver a home that sits comfortably within the natural environment, while maintaining a residential street presence.

Nestled in a quiet hamlet on the edge of a national park in Margaret River, ‘Treeside Casa’ takes inspiration from the linear form of the rural farm sheds that would have once featured prominently on the site, which was originally a dairy farm.

A key ingredient in delivering the desired project objectives was the use of Fielders TL-5™️ manufactured using COLORBOND® steel Matt in colour Monument®.

According to Arcforms, the profile was selected by the owner in consultation with the installer, DCB Roofing.

“The owner came to us already having a good understanding of what they wanted, in terms of both materiality and design, we simply guided them further,” Arcforms Principal, Daniel Patterson, said.

Installer DCB Roofing was initially approached by the owner – who oversaw the build as an owner builder project – to discuss cladding options.

“The initial thought was to use an architectural standing seam profile but budget wouldn’t allow,” a spokesperson for DCB Roofing explained.

“We began looking at alternatives and shortlisted Fielders TL-5™️, as it had some similar qualities to standing seam while also being more cost effective.”

At Treeside Casa, TL-5™️ at 0.42mm BMT has been applied as both roof and wall cladding in continuous sheets. The material seamlessly folds down from the roof to the side wall surface where rainwater falls and is collected in a gutter at ground level.

Fortunately, DCB Roofing had previously used TL-5™️ in a similar application, but only once in almost 25 years in the trade – it was enough to know that creating the roof to wall junction in a mansard type effect that the owner wanted, was achievable with the cladding.

“The installation was quite straightforward but required attention to detail; using full sheets, cuts needed to be millimeter perfect, especially around windows,” the DCB installer said. 

As well as delivering a standing seem appearance thanks to 28mm high ribs and generous pans, TL-5™️ helped to meet the owner’s desire for a low maintenance material to complement the home’s steel portal frame and SIPS (Structural Insulated Panel Systems) construction.

At the home’s location, the COLORBOND® steel Matt colour Monument® lets the residence retreat quietly into the dappled shade of the surrounding forest landscape, while its angular beauty still allowed it to achieve significant curb appeal, according to Daniel.

“We encouraged the owner to consider a 45-degree roof pitch rather than something more subtle for several reasons,” Daniel said.

“While creating a more voluminous interior space, the higher vaulted ceiling and extensive glazing also better captures vistas of, and reflects the nearby forest. Being a single-storey home, the additional height of the roofline provided more street presence with a greater residential aesthetic.

“The profile and building form reflect the context of the rural working sheds. The result is a contemporary fusion of residential luxury with industrial chic,” he said.

Being located in the Margaret River bush, Treeside Casa also needed to meet stringent BAL requirements, and this is where the home’s gutter and downpipe free design and simple, clean lines further come to the fore. Additionally, Fielders® cladding made from COLORBOND® steel (or ZINCALUME® steel) won’t ignite or contribute to the spread of fire and can be used wherever a non-combustible material is required. 

Treeside Casa currently serves as a private residence and short stay accommodation where it delights visitors with its relaxed and embracing atmosphere, proximity to nature and its alluring design ethos.

About Fielders TL-5™

Fielders TL-5™ is both versatile and economical, making it perfect for wall panelling, cladding or even short span roofing. The TL-5™️ profile is quick and easy to install, long lasting and durable. With a rib height of 28mm, a large sheet coverage of 762mm, and specially design capillary grooves, TL-5™️ offers excellent value for money and complete watertightness. Available in long lasting ZINCALUME®️ steel and COLORBOND®️ steel, this product is perfect for commercial or domestic use.