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To complement the extensive range of Fielders steel roofing and building products, Fielders offer a similarly comprehensive range of quality gutter profiles in various designs and sizes to suit the specific requirements in each state of Australia.

125 D Gutter

Lo-Front Quad Gutter (Vic / NSW)

Stylish adaptable gutter profile. The Fielders D Gutter offers a traditional 125mm wide guttering system ideal for the home builder or renovator.

D Gutter is the most widely used steel gutter profile in Australia and is also available in a similar, smaller profile known as ‘115 Quad Gutter’.

Fielders Watergate Gutter Guard easily fits the innovative D Gutter profile.

Available In: SA VIC

150 Half Round

The Fielders 150mm Half Round Gutter is suitable for domestic and light industrial buildings and is easy to keep clean as very little debris is left in this gutter due to its shape.

This Fielders steel guttering is available in Zincalume® or Colorbond® material and is easy to install with sturdy galvanised or powder-coated external brackets and Easyfix mitres.

Available In: SA NSW VIC

150 Halfline

The Fielders Halfline Gutter provides the benefits and looks of a Half Round Gutter with the added bonus of being fixed with internal brackets.

It has a streamlined appearance with no external brackets and can be easily mitred. Fits the Fielders Steel Fascia system Easyfix mitres make corners easy to install.

Available In: SA NSW VIC

150 Hi Front Quad

  • Ideal for new and existing homes
  • High front profile conceals roof tiles and sheet ends (especially useful on roof decking profiles)
  • Easily mitred
  • Hi Quality, Hi Capacity!
  • Fielders New Unique Fascia Quad Gutter is bringing a modern design to the traditional Fascia Gutter.
  • For over 40 years, high front gutter have typically been square and look outdated and boring. With Fielders new Fascia Quad Gutter, you can get the benefits of a fascia gutter but with a rounded profile. With more water carrying capacity than other traditional gutters and more modern look, Fielders new Fascia Quad Gutter is a Hi Quality, Hi Capacity Revolution!

Available In: SA VIC

Ainsworth OG

125mm O.G. Gutter (Vic/NSW)

The Fielders O.G. Gutter System provides the Builder, or the home owner with a stylish continuous length gutter in a traditional profile with modern design benefits.

The high front conceals the bottom of the roof tiles or corrugated steel.

  • Larger storm water carrying capacity, to handle severe stormwater run-off, wide base allows easy fitting of downpipes
  • Save on maintenance costs with pre-painted steel Colorbond® Steel or Zincalume®
  • Extensive colour range to choose from
  • Watergate Gutter Guard fits easily
  • Your choice of internal or external galvanised or powder-coated brackets
  • Easily installed on the Fielders Steel Fascia System
  • Sturdy easy fix mitres and stop ends allow for easy installation

Available In: SA NSW VIC

Fascia Gutter

To complement Fielders unique steel roofing & building products, Fielders offer a comprehensive range of Fascia Gutters to suit their gutter profiles and sizes.

The Fielders Fascia Gutter system is an easy to install, continuous length gutter with a clean profile to suit tiled or steel roofed homes. The high front profile conceals roof tiles and sheet ends (especially useful on roof decking profiles).

The optional slotted gutter prevents water overflowing back through eaves and into your home during heavy rain or from blockages in your outlets. The sleek modern square profile also makes installation easier, using premade components. Fascia guttering can be easily mitred.

Available In: SA NSW


Urbis is a stylish, contemporary profile, perfect for homes requiring a modern gutter or something a little different. It has a high rainfall carrying capacity and is suitable for a steel or tile roof.

Available In: SA VIC