The possibilities are endless.

For commercial concealed-fix roofing, you can’t go wrong with Fielders KingKlip®. Providing ultimate flexibility, KingKlip® is perfect for both curved and flat roofs. As one of the widest concealed-fixed decking available, KingKlip® boasts an impressive width of 700mm and is available in a variety of lengths thanks to Fielders Mobile Mill®. KingKlip® is the perfect commercial roofing solution, offering the best in size, watertightness, and strength. Additionally you have the option to choose from an extensive range of light and heavy gauge Colorbond® colours.

No screws, no holes and no leaks with Fielders revolutionary KK700 clips.

These self-locating clips are the definition of strength and stability, providing you with optimum protection against leakage. In fact, we’re so confident in our innovative KingKlip® design that we offer a Watertight Installation Guarantee. Simply follow the Fielders roofing plan – see our Warranty page for more information.

Faster installation, larger sheets, extra strength and fewer laps prove that KingKlip® is the smarter alternative to conventional screw-fit roofs. Unique spring-tensioned clips and sliding brackets accommodate thermal movements, eliminating the need for expansion joints. Roll your sheets on site to save even more dollars on transport and handling. KingKlip® promises an intelligent and cost effective alternative to traditional screw fix roofing.

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