Innovative, flexible and highly versatile

Fielders FreeForm™ is an innovative roofing profile offering incredible flexibility and design capabilities never seen before. It is this flexibility that allows FreeForm™ to meet the most demanding architectural requirements including single skin roof, vertical wall and conical tapered applications.

Adding to the versatility of FreeForm™ this product can be rolled onsite for extremely long lengths, far beyond transportable size, to suit varying roof configurations. As the product can achieve a variety of curves with an unmatched natural curve limit of 80m radii, it’s no wonder that FreeForm™ leads the way for curved roofing profiles. Its effortless ability to adapt to the most complex of design is simply unmatched. With unique site manufacturing capabilities to be curved in multiple directions, choose FreeForm™ to bring the most out of structurally complex designs.



Fielders use BlueScope COLORBOND® pre-painted steel for their Roofing, Walling and Rainwater products.

These colours have been re-produced as accurately as possible. However, slight variations will occur due to differing monitor quality. We recommend you check your chosen colour against a sample of the product before purchasing. Additional colours are available for high volume purchases. Not all colours are available in all states.

  • Classic Cream™

  • Surfmist®

  • Paperbark™

  • Evening Haze®

  • Shale Grey™

  • Dune®

  • Cove™

  • Windspray®

  • Pale Eucalypt®

  • Gully™

  • Mangrove®

  • Wallaby®

  • Jasper®

  • Manor Red®

  • Terrain®

  • Basalt®

  • Woodland Grey®

  • Monument®

  • Ironstone®

  • Cottage Green®

  • Deep Ocean®

  • Night Sky®


COLORBOND® Metallic steel boasts an innovative paint technology that produces a unique lustre effect. A new paint type and production method optimises light penetration and colour reflectivity. You will have peace of mind, knowing that the COLORBOND® Metallic steel substrate is protected by Activate™ technology and AS/NZS 2728 compliance. COLORBOND® Metallic steel is ideal for cost-efficient facades, design features and interior partitioning – perfectly suited to Fielders range of Finesse cladding profiles.

  • Galactic™

  • Cosmic™

  • Rhea™

  • Astro™

  • Aries™

  • Celestian™

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