Purlins & Girts

Fielders Purlins and Girts are manufactured from Hi Tensile Galvanised Steel to conform with the Australian standard for cold-form Steel Structures.  As Fielders Purlins and Girts incorporate the latest computerised technology coupled with efficiency in production, Fielders are able to offer the user a quality, innovative product at a competitive price.

Structural Purlins – Largest range of high span steel sections on the market!

Fielders have a constant focus on innovation and improvement to best service the building and construction industries throughout Australia.

The Fielders structural purlin range comprise of revolutionary designs,  offering the construction industry an opportunity to deliver improved performance per weight of steel compared to traditional methods of design. There is a Fielders steel section for your project no matter how big or small. The superior range of gauges and sizes provide you with greater flexibility in your design as well as a more efficient result.

The stiffened web reinforces the strength of the steel giving you the opportunity to reduce your gauge providing you with a possible steel weight saving of up to 20% without having to sacrifice strength or performance.

The Fielders Purlins and Girts are some of the easiest to handle sections on the market as well as the most aesthetically appealing. The softer edging of the lips gives the added benefit of improved site safety during handling and easier sliding on rafters. Fielders Purlins and Girts are also smoother and sleeker looking compared to any other on the market, making it the perfect choice for exposed applications.




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