S-Rib™ Corrugated

Tough and Timeless in Every Sense

S-Rib™ is the tried, tested and true corrugated roofing and walling finish. Available in standard corrugated or Barrel Rolled, S-Rib™ offers extra protection and long lasting durability.

Resurrecting technology, Fielders have returned to the traditional heavy coated Galvanised Z600 steel, as a result, S-Rib™ is able to stand the test of time unlike the Z450 compromise. Our confidence in S-Rib™ corrugated steel shows as we back our galvanised roofing with an anti-erosion guarantee.

Traditional Custom Corrugated Curving
Fielders retain the ability to curve to all the traditional heritage shapes whether it be a bullnose or concave verandah as well as curving to a predetermined radius or template. Our tradesmen are the best. Check out our S-Rib Corrugated brochure for curving specifications.



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