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Fielders provide standard and architectural quality pressed metal door frames manufactured from BlueScope ZINCANNEAL® steel.  They are manufactured to suit a range of designer’s requirements and produced at a very high standard to ensure accuracy when it comes to size as well as finish. Fielders Metal Door Frames remain straight, do not twist, shrink or warp and are white-ant proof.

Steel door frames can be used extensively and are often preferred to timber due to their cost efficiency as they have installation advantages over timber door frames.  Metal frames can be easily fitted during construction or retrofitted.  Their overall resilience and surface finish make them a popular and often more viable option to timber.

They have unique stud partition brackets which provide a secure fixing method for both timber and steel studwork, along with their unique adjustable lock striker which is fitted to allow for fine adjustment to the locking bolt.



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Magnificent pergola completed by First Choice Home Improvements using Fielders Steel Centenary products. A pergola is one of the most-wanted features potential home buyers look for so invest today by contacting Fielders Centenary. Request an e-brochure:

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