New Meriton tower an industry ‘game-changer’

In yet another development with our KingFlor® decking, we’ve recently been contracted to supply the material to the luxury Meriton apartment development in North Sydney.

The project has been heralded a ‘game-changer’ for the industry, being the first high-rise residential building in Australia to be constructed purely from structural steel, eliminating the use of the traditional concrete frame building method.

We’re working with Meriton and Tony Caro Architects to provide 20,000m2 of the KingFlor® CF210 SlimFlor decking, with this flooring system an essential part of reducing the timing and costs of construction.

In the past, traditional steel construction depth can vary from 450mm to 650mm which has limited the use of steel framed apartment buildings given the increase in the height of the building and therefore construction costs.

However, with our SlimFlor system, we have the ability to reduce the construction depth of the flooring down to 290mm to compete favourably with concrete framed buildings.

It is expected that the use of this flooring combined with Meriton’s prefabrication of materials, will see the project completed six months ahead of when it would have been finished using traditional concrete construction methods.

When the development is completed, it will deliver unparalleled luxury including 218 stylish short-stay apartments across 30 levels with sweeping views of the Harbour, Opera House and Sydney’s skyline.

Our supply of the product for this development will commence in early June, with the tower estimated to be open for business in the first half of 2016.

As one of the five profiles available as part of the innovative KingFlor® range, CF210 is capable of extensive unpropped spans of up to 5.5 metres which results in reduced materials, logistics, labour and waste on site.