Mobile Mill Takes Steel on the Road

Fielders commercial, industry and architectural division focuses heavily on the role we play in construction, whether that be through our steel solutions, structural recommendations or ways to innovate the construction process.

It is important for us to be on the forefront of steel construction and look for methods to streamline construction procedures and costs, while at the same time maintaining and offering paramount quality in our industry collaborations.

The Fielders Mobile Mill is one of our innovative mechanical construction solutions that is transported across projects to rollout our steel roofing solutions for a diverse range of project specifications.

The Mobile Mill has incredible ability to roll sheets over 100 metres long and provides unparalleled finishes that are rarely seen among other steel specialists. Our mobile Crank Curver and Smooth Curver are both available to create precision curves on-site, giving the roof profile a distinct finish.

Incorporating the Fielders Mobile Mill eliminates the need for excessive travel required to transport large sheeting, and offers an efficient production method. Traditionally, the steel would be rolled off-site and transported to construction for use. The Mobile Mill has been paramount in transforming the way steel construction is now operating though the projects we are involved with.

Growth in the interest and popularity of the Mobile Mill is increasing, with its production value extending to our most sought after solutions such as KingKlip® and our ARAMAX®  and tapered and straight Fielders Freeform steel roofing solutions.

To date, our Mobile Mill has been involved in numerous reputable projects across Australia, and in the past few months, has travelled more than 35,000kms around Australia.

With builders quickly catching on to the advancement it brings to the construction process, the Mobile Mill has been used in projects such as the iconic Sydney Cricket Ground, Westfield Warringah Mall, Blackwater Aquatic Centre, the Netball Central precinct in Sydney Olympic Park, Onslow Airport Terminal in Western Australia and the Puckapunyal Military Base in Victoria.

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