Innovation in site safety at Darling Harbour

Together with our customer, Santana Stud Welding, we have been awarded winner of the inaugural Darling Harbour Live (DHL) Safety Awards of Excellence. This was a culmination of 8 months of extensive development to provide a safe installation of the Fielders KF70 flooring to steel beams that were up to 21m off the ground. A total of 6 different methods and systems where tried and reviewed with the final system gaining the total company sign off by Lend Lease National Safety Team.

Fielders not only had to provide a product solution, but were also required to develop an installation and erection method with the customer to ensure total safety for all employees onsite. This system involved a 1200mm handrail, a safety bar clamp carrier and the most innovative, and never before used, floor deck seamer. This seamer was powered in both the forward, and reverse directions with power supplied. This enabled the sheets to be laid on top of each other, and the seamer was sent from one side of the 8.8m sheets to the other. This ensured no person was on the platform until the total section was stable for loading to be applied.

Rob Deck, Executive Project Director, Darling Harbour Live stated “The requirement for installers to be exposed to an unprotected live edge utilising a fall arrest system has been eliminated. In addition the use of site cranes has been minimised as much as possible and the KingFlor installer has been able to achieve the productivity levels required to undertake the works within our budget/program constraints. Had it not been for the coordination and team work between multiple trades this methodology would not be possible. I would like to extend my congratulations to all the team members.”

A fantastic win for Safety and Innovation lead by Nathan Jack, a member of the BlueScope Building Components team and our customer Agostinho of Santana Stud Welders.