Case Study: Darling Harbour Live

MATERIALS: KingFlor® KF70® and KingFlor® KF57®
BUILDER: Lend Lease
ENGINEER: Robert Bird Group
INSTALLER: Santana Stud Welding

  • Total of 30,000 m2 of KingFlor® KF70 KingFlor® and KF57
  • 1.00mm steel formwork
  • 7.8m sheet lengths
  • Steel grade: G550

The Project

The $2.5 billion Darling Harbour Live project in Sydney consists of various upgrades to the precinct including a new hotel, extensive retail space and brand new convention and exhibition facility. The redevelopment replaces the demolished Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.

With on-site works commencing early 2014, the urban regeneration caters for the area’s 13.7 million annual visitors and also provides a series of refurbishments to entertainment amenities on the 20 acre block.

Fielders were contracted by Lend Lease and the Robert Bird Group as part of the construction of the world-class complex to provide a combination of KingFlor® KF70® and KingFlor® KF57® decking to various parts of the development.


The Solution

KingFlor® KF70® was chosen as the material of choice, accounting for 80% of the total formwork supplied on site. The standing capability of the profile to handle the significant concrete slab load make it the only system on the market to meet the project construction demands.

The remaining material, accounting for 20% of the 30,000m2 being supplied, is KingFlor® KF57® which was chosen due to its formwork capabilities and ability to meet the project requirements.

The Process

The supply of both KingFlor® decking profiles commenced in March 2015 with a completion date of late-2015. The entire redevelopment is operational as of late-2016.


Fielders KingFlor® is a revolutionary steel formwork solution, ideal for complete concrete slabs in concrete and steel framed construction over lengthy spans. With five deckings available including two trapezoidal profiles, two re-entrant profiles and a deep deck profile, KingFlor® is Australia’s largest range of composite steel formwork, with the longest spans and deepest profiles on the market.

Project uses include commercial buildings, shopping centres, multi-storey buildings, multilevel carparks, and residential construction.


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