Case Study: 115 King William Street

MATERIALS: KingFlor® CF210®
BUILDER: Synergy Constructions
TECHNICIAN: Dash Architects

  • Total of 6,100m2 of KingFlor® CF210®
  • 1.21mm bmt steel formwork
  • 6.5m sheet length
  • Steel grade: G550

The Project

The $50m 115KW office tower development in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD is one of the city’s tallest office buildings, standing 86 metres high at 25 storeys.

Completed in late 2016, the state-of-the-art tower was designed to fit on a narrow inner-city block and features high-quality open plan commercial office space, along with ground floor retail outlets to complete the premium offering.

Fielders was contracted in association with Synergy Constructions and PT Design to deliver a total of 6,100m2 of the innovative KingFlor® CF210® steel formwork which was used throughout each floor of the structure.


The Solution

Utilising Fielders CF210® flooring profile in conjunction with asymmetric steel beam sections (ASB), SlimFlor® was chosen due to its ability to provide a long spanning, cost effective integrated steel flooring system. The CF210® profile and ASB steel sections are constructed in plane with the steel decking supported on the bottom flange of the steel beam providing a floor depth construction zone much less than conventional down-stand beam construction. The deep ribs of the CF210® decking provided a zone for the running of services, an important consideration in the construction of 115 KW.


The Process

The material was supplied to site and installed in association with Synergy Constructions. The SlimFlor® system has a minimum construction depth of 290mm with an equivalent weight of a 120mm concrete slab (comparison only, taking slab weights into consideration), due to the CF210® profile displacing the equivalent of 170mm of concrete from the slab profile.


Fielders KingFlor®

Each of the five profiles in Fielders KingFlor® steel decking range have been developed to provide the most optimal flooring solution in the wide range of building construction types found in Australia.

KingFlor® steel decking provides the designer the ability to tailor a flooring solution whilst accessing the inherent benefits of steel decking over labour and material intensive ply timber and lost formwork alternatives.


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