Curving, Presswork & Fabrication

Fielders are proud to now operate the largest press brake machine in the Southern Hemisphere. With our new 1500 tonne and 12 metre pressing capacity machine, we can service even the largest of projects.

Fielders press and bend steel in a wide range of materials such as Hardox, Weldox, Domex, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and Bisalloy which is perfect for projects such as press rolling and bump curving.

Operating from a purpose built factory in Wangara, Perth. Fielders have one of Australia’s largest ranges of metal bending equipment. It also has fabrication capacity including tapered box gutters, cones and specialty “C” purlins delivering both cost and performance benefits to customers.

Pressing & Cutting

Fielders provides a specialist service of plasma cutting/laser cutting and pressing of Stainless Steel, Hardox, Domex, Aluminium, Bisalloy and Carbon.

  • We have used this specialist knowledge in the refurbishment and production of over 3000 Iron Ore Wagons for the UNITED GROUP and BHP. Our qualified estimators can answer queries regarding other applications for our presses.
  • We specialise in the road and mining transport industry, supplying and pressing components for tankers, end tippers, side tippers.
  • We have been heavily involved in the sheet-piling industry for the past 15 years, supplying and fabricating light weight piling to our clients specifications.
  • Fielders fabricates a wide range of steel building products at their 16 sites nationally. Specialising in the manufacturing of sheetmetal products such as steel roofing, Fielders now have a wide range of products from composite steel formwork to patios and rainwater goods including tapered box gutters.

Fielders presswork and metal fabrication section is based primarily in Western Australia where medium to heavy weight steels are formed and fabricated in projects up to several million dollars.

At Fielders emphasis is placed on customer focused service, quality and on time delivery, made possible by our excellent facilities dedicated staff and quality systems, enabling fabrication work to be carried out to the relevant standards and codes.


Fielders offer a wide range of curving to offer you freedom in your designs. The unique custom curving has been designed to suit every architectural idea and meet the demands of the building industry. Fielders’ curving brings a new dimension to all commercial or domestic roofing being both versatile yet stylish.

– Crank Curving

Fielders brings a new dimension to commercial and industrial roofing with versatile crank curved decking available in TL-5, Spanform and KingKlip® 700 profiles down to 1000mm radius to bullnose, concave, convex, s-curve. There’s limits but give Fielders a call and try us. We’re up for a challenge!!

– Smooth Curving

In KingKlip® only but achieve tighter smoother curves for a concealed fix product that you could have never possibly imagined before. The Esplanade Station in Perth is a great example of Fielders ingenuity.



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