COLORBOND® Steel is produced with a Zincalume® base to provide corrosion resistance and then covered with a chemically applied conversion layer to enhance coating adhesion. On top of this goes a baked on epoxy primer and finally a baked on exterior grade top-coat.

This oven-baked finish resists chipping, peeling and cracking and means that each of the COLORBOND® Steel colours will not only look good for years to come but protect your home against harsh Australian conditions.

COLORBOND® Steel is lightweight and versatile giving architects and building designers freedom in locating interior walls and creating floor plans.

BlueScope offer a warranty of up to 25 years form the date of installation on any COLORBOND® Steel roof against perforation by weathering in the natural elements. In addition to this warranty Fielders also offers a range of Watertight Installation Guarantees from 5 years to 20 years, guaranteeing that your roof won’t leak when installed by a Fielders approved contractor.


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Fielders use BlueScope COLORBOND® pre-painted steel for their Roofing, Walling and Rainwater products.

These colours have been re-produced as accurately as possible. However, slight variations will occur due to differing monitor quality. We recommend you check your chosen colour against a sample of the product before purchasing. Additional colours are available for high volume purchases. Not all colours are available in all states.

  • Classic Cream™

  • Surfmist®

  • Paperbark™

  • Evening Haze®

  • Shale Grey™

  • Dune®

  • Cove™

  • Windspray®

  • Pale Eucalypt®

  • Gully™

  • Mangrove®

  • Wallaby®

  • Jasper®

  • Manor Red®

  • Terrain®

  • Basalt®

  • Woodland Grey®

  • Monument®

  • Ironstone®

  • Cottage Green®

  • Deep Ocean®

  • Night Sky®


COLORBOND® Metallic steel boasts an innovative paint technology that produces a unique lustre effect. A new paint type and production method optimises light penetration and colour reflectivity. You will have peace of mind, knowing that the COLORBOND® Metallic steel substrate is protected by Activate® technology and AS/NZS 2728 compliance. COLORBOND® Metallic steel is ideal for cost-efficient facades, design features and interior partitioning – perfectly suited to Fielders range of Finesse cladding profiles.

  • Galactic™

  • Cosmic™

  • Rhea™

  • Astro™

  • Aries™

  • Celestian™

COLORBOND® steel Matt

COLORBOND® steel Matt offers a softer look in neutral tones, allowing you to make a sophisticated and personal design statement. Available in five popular COLORBOND® steel colours, COLORBOND® steel Matt incorporates Thermatech®  solar reflectance technology, designed to reflect more of the sun’s heat on hot sunny days, as well as industry-leading Activate® technology to provide enhanced corrosion resistance. COLORBOND® steel Matt is perfectly suited to Fielders range of Finesse cladding profiles.

  • Monument® Matt

  • Basalt® Matt

  • Dune® Matt

  • Shale Grey® Matt

  • Surfmist® Matt


You can be confident that COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel will assist to maximise the thermal performance of your building. Energy costs for commercial and industrial building owners and tenants are a growing concern. Available in the colour Whitehaven®, Coolmax® steel can help reduce the annual cooling energy costs of buildings compared to COLORBOND® steel in Surfmist®.

Best of all, COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel delivers all the quality, durability and warranty support that comes only with genuine COLORBOND® steel. Please see the official Coolmax® fact page for more information.

Zincalume and Heritage Galvanised

We’re the only ones who smelt like we did 100 years ago.

New double-thickness galvanised roofing.

No-one makes galvanised roofs like they used to, right? Wrong. Now Fielders are manufacturing a genuine century-style roofing for authentic heritage restorations. And we’re the only ones in Australia doing it.

An extra ounce of protection.

Back in 1900, when Fielders was first established, galvanised roofing came in two weights:

  • light Z275 ( one ounce per square foot)
  • heavy Z600 (two ounces per square foot)

In the main, the roof sheeting and gutters of quality buildings (the ones that have probably survived the century) were given the heavier, longer lasting two ounce coating which was double-smelted and often imported. As time went by, companies stopped making this double-coated roofing as builders economised with the more rust-prone light coating or they often compromised with the Z450 one and a half ounce product. Needless to say, neither gave an authentic result.

Nor one that lasted anything near as long. All of which, you could say, galvanised us into action.

An old-fashioned guarantee as well.

Today, that means 100% Australian-owned Fielders is back in the business of making heritage roofing and guttering. Fielders is the only Australian company that makes roofing and guttering from 100% genuine double thickness Z600 galvanised BlueScope Steel. We have reintroduced the double-smelted style of quality roofing. And Fielders is the only one in this country making galvanised roofing backed with a 10 year guarantee against corrosion. On top of that, when installed by a Fielders Approved Heritage Contractor, your whole roof is guaranteed by Fielders to be sound and watertight for 10 years. So if you want your restoration to last another hundred years, you’d better specify Fielders double-thickness Heritage Z600 galvanised roofing.



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